Perimeter Drainage and Your Home

What is a Perimeter Drain?

In Canada we know it as weeping tile, though it was initially called a French drain – not because it was invented in France, but because it’s American creator was Henry Flagg French . There are lots of other names for this crucial component in a building’s systems for protection against water but, whatever you call it, boundary drainage is very important. Buried around the lowest point of a building’s perimeter, this drainage system is necessary to remove water, and the pressure it creates, from the building’s foundation.

Why is it so Important?

Residences, and other buildings, are built on foundations that either rest on the ground or in the ground. That ground gets wet and the water in the ground around a foundation can cause a lot of problems. The structural integrity of a building’s foundation is put at risk by ground water, even in locations that do not get much rainfall. Perimeter drainage systems are designed to reduce the likelihood that ground and surface water will harm your home’s foundation by rerouting water far from the foundation. Without adequate perimeter drainage, the foundation will be subject to damage that could ultimately destroy a building. Note, too, that the installation of perimeter drainage is not required only for buildings, but is important for other structures such as retaining walls, pony walls, and terraces.

Nothing is Forever

Drain tile repair Vancouver frequently last ten years, sometimes longer, without maintenance, but they are subject to damage from clogging, tree roots, shifting land and other problems. Such problems commonly happen without warning and repairs normally involve costly excavation around the border of the building. If you have cause to suspect that your boundary drainage is damaged or clogged, the sooner you have the issue addressed the much better off you, your residence and your bank account will certainly be. Problems can be prevented with routine upkeep, and professional plumbers suggest having your border drain system inspected and, if need be, serviced every 5 years.

Check out this video about perimeter drainage…

Published by Barry Pearson