Plumbing Heating Company in Kits Point Vancouver

At K.C.’s Plumbing & Heating we are widely known throughout Vancouver for providing quality plumbing services that will exceed your expectations as a new customer. And we are the go-to plumbing company for many clients who hire us for maintenance on various plumbing or heating needs.

Plumbing Heating Company Near me in Kits Point Vancouver

Plumbing Heating Company Near me in Kits Point Vancouver

Customer service satisfaction is essential and will be a certainty in any service-oriented company. Satisfying a customer with quality services makes sure that the plumbing company who provided the service will be hired to work on a future project for the same customer. Word of mouth advertising and reviews from satisfied customers are the best tools for a business to acquire more customers and clients. Naturally, when you receive first-rate service from a company, you will eventually recommend them to another person like a friend or perhaps a relative.

This also serves true when hiring the service of a plumbing company to put in the plumbing requirements for your house or perhaps a business. The plumbing not just for setting up water pipes and the basic plumbing fixtures. It also includes water heaters, overall bathroom and kitchen installation which also includes the sink, the tub and shower where you relax and comfort yourself in, and of course the tank that stores hot water.

Other areas that a plumbing company must be able to offer includes cleaning plugged pipes, repairing waste disposal units and replacing broken pipes. Many plumbing businesses also have gas and heating maintenance plus equipment replacement as a part of their service. Professional plumbing services are exact trained on local codes so you can benefit from the comforts of home free from worry.

The Value of Repeat Customers

A customer is happy whenever a plumbing business does good work . The consumer, in most cases, will tell their friends and relatives about the overall quality of service they had. This word of mouth advertising is as necessary as it provides the plumber with valuable leads. This can cause a chain reaction, which helps to build a solid client base for the company. In this type of scenario, a plumbing company that values their reputation and wants to serve the community over long periods will ensure that the overall quality of what they do is dependable.

Regional Plumbing Code and Rules

Plumbing companies and what they offer are bound to varoius regulations specific to where it is located. This ensures the safety of service from all those who are providing such business. The industry needs to be regulated to guarantee the government that only quality plumbing contractors operate in their area. Look online for feedback on local firms whenever you require a plumber, and try to figure if they are suitable enough for your requirements.

Some individuals think they can do repair their own pipes but you have to remember that you are still under the same regulations that these companies are legally bound to. You could also be putting your loved ones, and possibly the entire building in danger should you attempt to carry out the task yourself. Therefore, hire a professional for the work. This eliminates the problems you would face when setting about to fix a plugged or broken plumbing installation on your own. It is not worth sacrificing that trivial sum of money for a service you understand little about.

If you need a plumber call us for a quick quote by phone, so you know what you are looking at. Our office number – (604) 873-3753

No job too big or small, we can fix it. When you need a plumber or are looking for faucet repair we are the logical choice. Recommended by your friends and neighbors as their go-to 24 hour plumber experts. No matter what the problem, you can count on us. For the fastest service, use this phrase in search local plumber near me. Our name usually comes up

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Plumbing Heating Company Near me in Kits Point Vancouver

Top Knotch Heating Technicians

Founded by a team of seasoned professionals, Pioneer Plumbing of Richmond BC is also a full-service heating company. Our seasoned technicians are certified heating and gas fitting experts with the technical expertise to handle any job related to heating homes and commercial buildings. Our rates are competitive and outstanding customer service is our motto.

With a combined 20 years under our belts, our experienced heating technician journeymen provide the highest standards of service combined with honesty and integrity. We want to be your go-to heating professionals for life.

Home Heating Services

Pioneer Plumbing offers a full range of heating and air conditioning service including repairs, and installation on all models:

  • Boiler and Furnace Repair
  • Gas or Electric Tune-up
  • Radiant Heating Systems
  • Boiler Servicing
  • Heat Exchange Units
  • Heat Pumps Serviced and Installed
  • Hot Water Tank Service

Why Air Quality Matters

We realize your home is your castle and that you expect your central heating system to keep your family warm and healthy. North American homes need to either be heated or cooled all year round. It is a smart move to have someone do an annual tune-up to maintain peak efficiency. One way or the other you pay for heat, either with regular maintenance and lower utilities or by occasional furnace repair or replacement.

Clean Air

It may sound strange, but air pollution can be worse inside your home than outside. Modern homes are built to be airtight in order to save money on heating bills, but that can trap air pollutants in your home as well. Good ventilation is a must for any well-sealed home and a heat recovery ventilator provides even more energy-efficient ventilation. Regular duct cleaning also helps remove dust or dirt particles hidden inside your home’s duct-work, keeping everyone healthy and saving on fuel bills. Most people are unaware that less than 1mm of dust can dramatically reduce air flow and heating efficiency.

Call us today to set up an annual heat system inspection and maintenance schedule that will reduce heating bills, extend the life of your heating system and keep everyone in your home warm and healthy.

We Service and Install All Brands

Regardless the brand of your furnace or boiler, we are familiar with it and can provide the very best service at reasonable rates. Our vehicles are stocked with the most common parts for all major brands.

We also install heating systems in new homes and replace them in older homes. If you think your home is ready for an upgrade to a new high-efficiency heating system, we will be happy to visit and advise you on the options that will best suit your needs and budget.

Pioneer Plumbing & Heating Inc
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HVAC System Maintenance Guideline

A good HVAC system is very important when it comes to maintaining a comfortable, healthy interior environment. Through the years many property owners inquire about a technique to reduce their cost of energy and HVAC. They don’t want to sacrifice the interior environmental conditions, but they do want a-point-by-point plan to follow. The great thing that often happens may be that energy bills are diminished by quite a bit and of course the HVAC performance is enhanced. That is a normal part of any HVAC service company specializing in energy and HVAC.

Energy Optimization

The first step to achieving system optimization is to reduce the load. This step normally consists of a long range plan which itemizes the actions to be taken based upon best value for your dollar. Reducing your home load allows the existing HVAC system to function properly. If a new system or systems are being considered, it will be more cost effective to design for the reduced load as opposed to the prevailing load. A few common load reduction strategies include:

1. Look at the building’s exterior and add additional insulation. Adding insulation in an existing building may not be achievable for some, so more thought ought to be aimed toward the exterior shell, above all the windows and doors.

2. Fitting energy-efficient windows. This can be a big item for some structures that still have single pane windows. The installation of double pane glazed windows with a temperature break is a wonderful return on investment. Make sure they are ENERGY STAR qualified windows. Tinting or Low-E coatings will even be the best.

3. Changing the lighting system. The average commercial structure has a lighting density of 2-3 watts per square foot to maintain a comfortable lighting level. That is a significant part of an HVAC system load and nearly all efforts to optimize this specific area will reduce the cooling requirement of the structure. Accent lighting (sometimes called architectural lighting) are not always power efficient and should not be looked at if you want to reduce energy and HVAC expenditures. Energy-efficient lights release less heat into a cooled evironment than older light bulbs. If you have a return air plenum rather than return air ductwork, consider light troffers so that some of the heat from the bulbs is returned to the HVAC system instead of bleeding into the occupied area.

4. Selecting efficient equipment and electronic devices that have a power saver option will decrease the heat gain within the space. Items to think about include copy machines, food processors, computer systems and refrigerators.

5. Control ventilation by having your outside air balanced. Most building owners have blueprints of the system installation. Have those drawings examined by using a mechanical engineer to verify your air-flow rates comply with the latest code standards. If no blueprints are available, your engineer should still be capable of suggesting recommendations for enhancement.

Addressing these things is your first task to decreasing energy and HVAC costs.

Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

The second step to achieve energy and HVAC system optimisation is knowing it. Your HVAC system is critical for your interior environment, it also represents a major factor of your utility costs. While it is beyond the scope of this article to discuss every system, a few recommendations can be covered. Each HVAC system component has grown in effectiveness during recent years. If your system is more than 13 years of age, it is time to begin thinking of an upgrade to new equipment. Well maintained residential systems have a life span of around fifteen years give or take, but seem to shut down at the worse times. You should have a replacement plan ready for when your equipment does fail.

Commercial systems vary, but when your building is using packaged equipment or split systems, the same lifetime should be expected. For larger commercial systems and industrial applications, the HVAC system could also be more complex and require an individual analysis by a mechanical engineer. As I stated earlier, These types of systems vary so an individual assessment works for a custom system. What most of these systems have in common is they are usually powered by electrical energy. Electricity costs money, so any improvement toward enhanced efficiency is a good thing.

HVAC System Tips:

Find a qualified contractor you can trust. If you are a home owner or small commercial building owner, find the best HVAC business or technician to assess and work on the system. Assuming you are a large commercial building owner, look for a commercial HVAC company for regular maintenance and a good mechanical engineer for unbiased advice. We do advise against using a mechanical engineer who works for the HVAC Company; find a 3rd party service for impartial information.

Validate your HVAC system load. Commercial buildings have more complex settings regarding code conformance, minimum ventilation rates, etc and therefore are different to each building.

Select equipment rated for the load. DO NOT OVERSIZE! Going overboard doesn’t work for HVAC systems. It is going to cost more to purchase the equipment as well as operate it. Consult with your contractor to figure out the proper capacity

Buy high efficiency or Energy Star equipment. Most of the newer systems come with variable speed units for moving parts. Through your years of ownership this is repaid repeatedly. Compare standard equipment to high efficiency equipment in terms of initial cost and running expenditure. Any good HVAC company or mechanical engineer can get this information for you.

Think about some form of power recapture for air exhausted from the place and use it somehow to enhance the incoming air. That is the air you’ve paid for, so using a portion of the energy before blowing it out it should be necessary.

For larger complexes, consider preparing outside air with a specialized outside air unit. This will eliminate any problems regarding humidity control in many conditions. It may also increase comfort levels and enable further equipment optimization.

Commercial properties should consider equipment economizers. Many current codes call for economizers on equipment larger than 15 tons in size. Often available at a low initial cost during set-up, these units draw in fresh air from outside whenever the temperatures (or humidity) outdoors is less than the inside temperature.

Both home owners and small commercial building owners should install programmable thermostats. Commercial buildings should setup a custom digital control system. The investment will more than pay back the price very quickly.

Control Systems

The third step to achieve system optimization is controlling your system.

The Digital Thermostat: A great investment for anyone is a programmable thermostat. These are simple to use and come with built in strategies based upon a schedule. Most manufacturers provide 7 day programs which can turn the HVAC system on and off to compliment and temperature. This is a wonderful way to ensure the system is on only when required.

DDC Systems: For a large building, I consider this as a must have system. Installation costs have steadily decreased and of course performance reliability has steadily increased. They can be integrated into any system and expanded as required. Some of the more popular elements of these solutions are optimized start/stop, a variety of zone controls, temperature sensing unit and fresh air control. A key benefit of these systems is their ability to be scaled up to the largest of commercial applications. This implies you can install a somethng simple to begin with then add more controls later to incorporate everything. Again, the payback is quick and well worth the outlay.

Coil Cleaning: This is always a big thing missed by almost everyone. Condenser coils collect dirt and debris on their surfaces because they’re outside. Diry coils make the compressor work overtime and leads to a higher refrigerant temperature in the refridgerant system. Dirty evaporation and heat coils collect dust and fibers that circulate inside your home or building. They must be cleaned at least once a year

Operation and General Maintenance

The fourth and last step to achieve energy and HVAC system optimization is regular upkeep. The most effective systems are well taken care of. Ensure durability, efficiency and a long life for your HVAC system by following these recommendations.

Find a qualified contractor you trust. Find a good company or technician to evaluate and take care of your system. Assuming you are a large business owner, find a commercial|an industrial} HVAC contractor for regular upkeep. Make sure you keep track of servicing with when they vist and what they did each time.

Home owners must always get a regular tune up. The way your system works will vary depending on the time of year.

Replace your air filters regularly. Always use quality filters to make sure most of the dust is captured. Clean filters will save fan energy.


Energy and HVAC optimization will help to decrease energy expenses. A little time finding out about your system and familiarizing yourself with improvement strategies will save money and boost the life of your equipment.

A Few Ideas to Help You Avoid Hiring a Plumber

The plumbing system in any average home is probably one of the most important systems inside your house, and you need to be very careful when maintaining it to be sure you will be able to protect the strong foundation of your house. This is the reason why it is advisable for everyone to get a plumbing contractor at least once every six months. But since there are a lot of people who can not afford to pay for the service of a plumbing contractor, it would be better if you are familiar with the simple steps that you can do yourself to maintain your plumbing system as best can be.

Below are the simple steps that you can take to maintain the plumbing system of your house:

Seal the Deal – the first and most basic step that you can take is to seal of holes that are inside your plumbing system. There are a lot of people who are spending hundreds of dollars just to have their plumbing system sealed, but if you know how to do it, you won’t even spend $10 just to seal the holes. All you need is a sealant and you’ll be able to solve the problem easily.

Lock and Load – there are times when leaks inside your house are a result of loosen bolts. The first thing that you need to do is to shut down the main source of water and tighten all bolts in your plumbing system. Make sure that all bolts are locked before you open the water source.

Replace – sometimes, you need to replace the pipes, which can also be done easily. All you need is a set of new pipes and bolts. All you have to do is to determine the damages pipes and replace it with the news ones. Just make sure that you shutting down the main source of water before you do this step.

Search and Conquer – the last thing that you need to do if you want to prevent having problems with the plumbing system is to learn how you can search for damaged pipes. This step is a wider topic which will be discussed in my next article. Basically, this is a step that will require you to look for all the damages, and to determine the steps that you need to take in order to solve the damage in your plumbing system, and whether or not you need to hire a plumbing contractor.

Conclusion – If you do happen to find that something has gone and need to call a local plumber then sat least you know you’ve done your best to keep the expenses down.

Top Four Plumbing Tips For Homeowners

There are many reasons why you may need to hire a plumbing company, but often minor problems can be avoided quite easily. If you know just a few simple plumbing tips you can easily prevent common problems from occurring, saving you money and lots of hassle. Here are some tips for both inside and outside your home to help you avoid the common problems.

Down in the Basement

The basement is a common area for problems to arise, but there are some simple plumbing tips that you can follow to prevent issues.

One of the simplest things you can do is check the setting on your water heater to ensure it is a maximum of 120°F. This will prevent the water from being too hot when you shower, and it will also help to reduce your energy usage.

If you have drains in your basement, pour water down them regularly. Gases from the sewer can sometimes cause unpleasant smells in your home, but if you pour water down them regularly, this can help to avoid problems arising.

If you have a septic tank in your basement, make sure you get it inspected and pumped once every three years or so by professional plumbers Vancouver. If you don’t do this, you may end up having to replace the filter field, which can be very expensive.

In the Kitchen

The kitchen is another common area where issues can arise in the home, and there are a number of plumbing tips to follow here. One of the golden rules of the kitchen is to avoid disposing of any grease down the drain. Drains can easily become blocked up if you do this, so always throw any grease left over from cooking in the trash.

The garbage disposal is one of the main problem areas in the kitchen, and you can help to avoid problems by avoiding disposing of the wrong types of food down it, including stringy and sinewy foods. Also, run cold water for a few seconds before using it as this will flush down the waste. If your garbage disposal starts to smell due to food waste buildup, try pouring some detergent into it while it is running and rinse it with cold water for a minute or so.

In the Bathroom

Be careful what you throw down the toilet in your bathroom – really nothing should go down other than toilet paper. Also, if you notice any leaking faucets in your bathroom, get them fixed quickly as they can turn into more expensive problems and also cause serious water waste issues.

Another common problem in the bathroom is the buildup of soap scum and hair in the entry to the drain. To avoid this blocking the drain, use a strainer in the plug to catch any debris and clear it out regularly.

Outside the Home

It is important to clean the rain gutters and drains of any debris and leaves on a regular basis. For example, you may find that debris can build up in vent pipes, which can cause problems. It is important to perform Vancouver gutter cleaning regularly and check for breaks or leakage. You should also check for areas of standing water in your yard as these could signify a clogged perimeter drain system, and if you do spot any then make sure you get them fixed as quickly as possible.

Avoid Problems in Your Home

The above plumbing tips for both inside and outside the home can help you to avoid common problems for which you would otherwise need to call out a professional. So keep your pipes in better condition and avoid common issues by following the above tips.

How to Find a Reliable Plumber

Kelowna PlumbersMost homeowners know that plumbers are an undesirable necessity. They help solve your plumbing problems. They can fix problems with your boiler, which like many home appliances, tends to have issues right when you need it the most. However, if you have a plumber who is always making promises to show up “tomorrow” or who doesn’t return your calls because they are too busy, it’s important to know how to find a new plumber who will offer more reliability.

1. Referral from Someone You Trust

An excellent way to find a plumber that is reliable is to simply ask friends, neighbors, coworkers and other people you trust, who they use. When you count on people you know, they’ll already have firsthand experience and can let you know if their call was returned promptly or whether the plumber actually showed up when they were scheduled. They’ll also be able to let you know whether the plumber’s rates were reasonable.

Ideally, you will want to choose a plumber who has provided quality plumbing services to someone you trust and have known for several years. This can significantly increase the likelihood that you too will get good service.

2. Make Sure Your Plumber is Registered

The Gas Safe website has a detailed listing of plumbers who have successfully passed the certification requirements. At least, this gives homeowners a good indication that they are choosing a plumber who has passed testing by an organization in their field and that they will likely strive to maintain their reputation.

If at any time there is doubt or it is your first time using a particular plumber, you can do a quick online search and be assured if they are registered.

3. Find Out How Long They’ve Been Providing Plumbing Services

If you have an old phone book you can go back through the listings and get an idea of how long a plumber has been in business. If not, it’s usually quite easy to simply check a plumber’s website and see when the site was registered. A tool, such as “” will allow you to enter the domain and find out when the domain was registered. This can provide an excellent point of reference as to how long a plumber has been trading. Of course, this assumes that they actually registered a domain name, something that is not necessarily a given, especially in this particular trade.

4. Check Reviews

You won’t find an equivalent to Tripadvisor for local Kelowna plumbers, but you can find online reviews on other sites as well as in some Google results. Just like with any type of review, the likelihood of an individual taking time to write a negative review is much higher than them taking time to write a positive one. It’s very likely that you’ll find an occasional negative review; however, beware if you start to find too many!

You should be able to tell what looks natural, so go with your first reaction instead of trying to make the facts fit with your desire to find the first plumber acceptable.

5. If You Have the Time — Consider getting a Second Quote

While this might not always be possible, if you can, it can certainly help. This is especially true when you’re looking for someone in a profession that seems to be notorious for having providers who respond poorly.

Of course, getting a second quote is even more important when you are looking for a plumber for a big job, such as replacing your entire central heating system.

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Perimeter Drainage and Your Home

What is a Perimeter Drain?

In Canada we know it as weeping tile, though it was initially called a French drain – not because it was invented in France, but because it’s American creator was Henry Flagg French . There are lots of other names for this crucial component in a building’s systems for protection against water but, whatever you call it, boundary drainage is very important. Buried around the lowest point of a building’s perimeter, this drainage system is necessary to remove water, and the pressure it creates, from the building’s foundation.

Why is it so Important?

Residences, and other buildings, are built on foundations that either rest on the ground or in the ground. That ground gets wet and the water in the ground around a foundation can cause a lot of problems. The structural integrity of a building’s foundation is put at risk by ground water, even in locations that do not get much rainfall. Perimeter drainage systems are designed to reduce the likelihood that ground and surface water will harm your home’s foundation by rerouting water far from the foundation. Without adequate perimeter drainage, the foundation will be subject to damage that could ultimately destroy a building. Note, too, that the installation of perimeter drainage is not required only for buildings, but is important for other structures such as retaining walls, pony walls, and terraces.

Nothing is Forever

Drain tile repair Vancouver frequently last ten years, sometimes longer, without maintenance, but they are subject to damage from clogging, tree roots, shifting land and other problems. Such problems commonly happen without warning and repairs normally involve costly excavation around the border of the building. If you have cause to suspect that your boundary drainage is damaged or clogged, the sooner you have the issue addressed the much better off you, your residence and your bank account will certainly be. Problems can be prevented with routine upkeep, and professional plumbers suggest having your border drain system inspected and, if need be, serviced every 5 years.

Check out this video about perimeter drainage…

Heating For The Winter Months

New homes in Canada install components similar to Vancouver heating systems when being built. This is especially true of the houses, apartments, and other structures built where temps can be below freezing for six months or more. In these areas, a heating system is used for long periods of time. Without heat in winter time, your home would be unbearable, and in some regions, unsafe. And yet those heating systems can become outdated and unsafe. It is essential to keep your central heating working properly to ensure warmth and safety all winter long.

Heating Maintenance

With frigid temperatures, it is vital that your central heating is working properly. Even though most heating systems can be relied on to keep your family safe and warm without much problem or upkeep, it is possible the heat could go out through a a cold snap. In such conditions, a home with no heat could turn out to be dodgy. Not only could the health and safety of your family be in danger, but your plumbing could freeze and split, causing damage and head aches you can do without. To avoid troubles like this, have one of our contractors inspect your house and tune up the furnace. This must be done at least once a year and is one of the best ways to be sure that you have a toasty warm house all winter long.

In case you ever do have a heating problem, you will need to know who to call. You don’t want to be searching desperately for a plumber. With that situation, you would be trusting a stranger to restore the heat to your home as your children suffers through a cold snap. It is important to locate a reputable plumbing service. You will also need to be aware of what things will cost, and look for a heating specialist can guarantee there will be no hidden costs.

Benefits Of A Sound Heating System

If you have kept your furnace tuned up by allowing a heating specialist to inspect it yearly, it is likely that you will be fine during the cold season. You also will have a good rapport with us which is great in the case of an urgent situation. If something does go wrong, then we can fix your boiler or the furnace right away.

If you realize that repairing the boiler would be more pricey than replacing it, then we can go over what type of heating system will be the best for your house. By having the heating system tuned up by a expert you can be certain that it is done precisely and will give off heat as desired. We’ll make sure that you are aware of what system will be the most cost effective. If you are replacing your appliance, setting up a more efficient system can save anywhere from twenty to thirty percent on your utility bills each month.

How To Flush a Hot Water Tank

If you are considering a new hot water tank, the square footage and number of people in your residence will be an important factor. Call anytime and we will be pleased to have a heating consultant go over your best choices.